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Why is Company Culture so Important in the Tech Industry?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

A healthy company culture is vital to success in the tech industry. Particularly within startups, a company’s team is their most valuable asset. Every team member is extremely capable and works hard because the company acknowledges their value and individual contributions. A lack of communication or poor delegation of tasks can result in an unmotivated team who are simultaneously overworked and feel like their efforts are not enough. I’ve only recently transitioned from a few casual internships throughout my university career to working full-time in the tech industry, but I know from experience how nurturing a healthy work culture is essential for stable growth in a company by building loyalty and minimizing employee turnover.

Though the definition of a healthy culture varies depending on the company, within such a modernized and fast-paced industry there are a few consistencies. Within the tech industry, and particularly in startups, there is a significant lack of a hierarchy system that is prevalent in a typical office environment. This allows for a more egalitarian approach with equal treatment for each employee. Even when I was just an intern, I was encouraged to voice my opinions and contribute to discussions with senior staff members. In addition to this, management's perspective of employees consists of more than their scope of work. Tech companies take into account a dynamic life outside of work, and respond by offering more flexible schedules or convenient work options, like telecommuting, are available for people to better handle their work-life balance.

The development of the tech industry culture also seems to be a nondiscriminatory movement. Although there were some expected differences when working internationally or switching from a multinational corporation to a startup, regardless of whether I was working in my hometown or on the other side of the world, the focus on nurturing a team-oriented company culture remained present throughout all my experiences.

Here at HK Tech, when we discuss the requirements for qualified candidates, our clients always mention the importance of candidates being the "right-fit." There is an abundance of people who fulfill or far surpass the technical skill requirement, but they are not hired because of a mismatch with the culture. There are many situations where our clients are willing to hire someone less experienced, as long as they exhibit passion for the company's core concepts and are willing to grow with the company.


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